Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Good Music You Might Not Have Heard Before--Lots of mp3s

Over the past year, I have really gotten into some great music from a group of various artists in Chapel Hill NC called the Bu_hanan collective (they are also their own indie record label). This group of 5 or so guys and their friends make amazing, collaborative music together. I have included ELEVEN mp3s from 3 of these fantastic groups/ musicians that make up the collective: Kapow! Music (John Ribo and co.), The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (Perry Wright, Alex Lazara), and David Karsten Daniels. I am not going to say much about this as I want you to spend your time LISTENING. I would love to know what you think!


I will need to re-post these again later, as I made a mistake in how it was done the first time. For now, check out the tunes on the Kapow! music Myspace site.


2)"Concerning the End of the World" (my very favorite--lyrics are painful and profound)
3)"Concerning Lessons Learned from Aliens"
4)"Come Ye Sinners"
5) "Against Pollution" (Mountain Goats Cover)


1)"Siamese Hearts" (Another favorite)
2)"Jesus and the Devil"
3)"The Dream Before the Ring that Woke Me"

Finally, here are links to the above musicians individual sites, so you can download and/or buy more music--as well as see if they are playing near you. I know that both Prayers and Tears and David Karsten Daniels have new albums coming out relatively soon, so I am guessing they will be touring. Here are the sites:
The Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers (this site in particular has TONS of good FREE music to download--plus some fascinating commentaries)
David Karsten Daniels
Kapow! music

**I am ashamed that I forgot to mention that music guru Jeremy Huggins introduced me to the Prayers and Tears over a year ago on his blog. Jeremy's fantastic blog "Junkmail for Blankets" has to be my favorite blog out there, full of excellent writing and music, movie, lit recommendations. Be sure to take a look at it at some point. His recent article about Page France (which happens to mention the Prayers and Tears of Arthur Digby Sellers) has profoundly effected me on many levels.


MeganC said...

ADORE the "agaist Pollution" cover. Fantastic- have listened to it 3 times.
Thanks Mary!!!

Maclurio said...

Hey I really enjoyed these, right up my street. The first song listed is also a fave of mine - great stuff.
Keep 'em coming, Mary!

Tom said...

Hi Mary, thanks for posting those mp3s. I've been at home in Leeds taking a break for a bit. I really like the first one too and the one about sinners (where you can hear the cars going by!)

Anonymous said...

prayers and tears sound a lot like pedro the lion. i like all the bands a lot. did i tell you i'm planning on coming down to chattanooga in the spring? will you still be there?

Jeanne: said...

I love how some music can both lull the body and stimulate the mind at the same time. I think these songs do that for me. Of the Kapow songs, I think ";" suits me best (love that additional strange high-pitched element towards the middle of the song--what is that?) From Prayers and Tears, "Come Ye Sinners" is done in such a way that the lyrics are heard and understood differently for me than before (thanks guys.) And finally, Daniels' "Jesus and the Devil" is good listening, too, with the added benefit of lyrics that make you go, "hmmm." Meaty.

Thanks Mary, I'll try to spread the word.

Abigail said...

Love the music! I love Prayers & Tears more each time I hear them. "Against Pollution" is fab..also really, really liked Daniels.

Lisa Short said...

mary so sorry not to have written sooner! No internet connection for a week I have downloaded them now and will have a good listen Lisa x

Lisa Short said...


Oh what lovely music! I am hooked. Thanks so much for posting it. I agree with Tom the one about sinners and the cars is amazing.

Love ya chica

Lisa x

vanckirby said...

loving the music! especially "But I Had to Go"

kurt said...

Thanks so much for posting these great songs! Prayers and Tears is my favorite, I immediately went to their site and bought the new cd (should arrive any day now i hope). Great stuff, if you are friends with these guys, tell them to keep it up!