Wednesday, October 3, 2007

All things Scottish

I had grown quite tired of Belle and Sebastian, but my love and appreciation for them was resurrected this morning as I drove to school and listened closely to the lyrics of "We Rule The School" from Tigermilk. The best bits:
"Do something pretty while you can
Don't fall asleep
Skating a pirouette on ice is cool

Do something pretty while you can
Don't be a fool
Reading the Gospel to yourself is fine"

I also realized how much listening to these guys makes me long for Glasgow, my favorite city in the UK--a place both earthy and electric. My favorite aspect of Glasgow is the imprint that architect/designer Charles Rennie Mackintosh left on the place. Here he is:

Every time I visted that city (and I have been many times), I endeavored to see a different Mackintosh building. The highlights of all these sitings are definitely the library in the Glasgow School of Art and Design (Macintosh designed both the interior and exterior of the building--and they also have a lot of his furniture and paintings on display).
The library:

The front of the Art School (take a tour if at all possible):

My second favorite place is the music hall in the "House For an Art Lover":

**I hope to find a better photo of this later--I think I might have one somewhere.


Becki said...

That library is grand! -- I've jsut recently been salivating over pictures of it elsewhere, I really must go see it sometime!

Lisa Short said...

I love the house of an art lover so much! I have some snaps. I will email them to you x