Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Self-Indulgence: Photos and Update

Bill Rice, Stephanie Oswald, Rob Gifford and Me.

So, people keep writing and asking me why I don't post photos of myself on my blog. I always feel weird about stuff like that--just like I feel weird about going on vacation and having people take snaps of me in front of historical sites (I NEVER do this). Anyway,I caved and have now provided few photos from last summer. These are with friends in the UK/ from L'abri etc.
I will go ahead and use this self- indulgent post to update you on my life: First of all, I am living with my dear friends, Ann and Larry, and their two little girls, Meg and Taylor. Ann and I have been friends for over 15 years now--she and Larry are such dear folks and have really welcomed me into their home. This worked out really well as I need a sort of "temporary" place as I apply for jobs for next academic year. And my finances are also being helped by this (student loan payment--arggghhh). Life in this house is quite exciting--two nights ago we had a BAT in the house. Ann and I (Larry was out of town) called the police to come and kill him! I love having eight year old Meg and two year old Taylor around. Taylor is a hilarious pop culture toddler--she loves to repeat things such as "dot com" and "diet coke" over and over--and over and over. Meg is awesome--she slips cute little notes under my door that say things like "Mary, will you please color with me tomorrow? I love you. Meg".
I am currently slaving away teaching five university general ed classes (Rhetoric and Composition and Western Humanities). It is good to be back in the States and teaching in a US university, but I am eager to begin teaching classes in my specialization area (modern and contemporary literature; religion and literature; all things pop culture related). I am currently applying for next year's jobs like crazy--from postdoc opportunities to Assistant Professorships in Contemporary Lit. I am praying that something cool will come through. I am pretty excited about travelling to South and North Carolina over this long weekend (Fall Break) to meet friends and check out universities. Other than that, things are pretty "normal". I have been far to busy grading papers and applying for jobs to have a social life. Maybe one day.

David Dusenbury and Me.


David van Dusen said...

ah, mary,
you look to be a saddhu-seraph, a laughing Raddha in that foto with me. what a pose.

David van Dusen said...

that shd be Radha,
not Raddha.


Mary said...

Yes, David, talking with you makes me want to perfect my hindu goddess pose. Actually, it seems as if quite a few people took photos of us during this particular conversation, in the grass, behind the pump house. And they are all funny--I either look quite frightened or full of glee. I have no idea what we were even talking about at that point!

Lisa Short said...

i think you look beautiful