Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Weekend in NYC

Early Memorial Day Cookout in the back yard of the Compound:

Elizabeth Odegard in lovely Astoria:

Another Cookout Shot:

Bill and that jerk who wrote the smartass comment on my last post:

Bill and Linnea (aka Jackie O) on Subway

Saturday Night Poker Game. Aaron Belz and I were newbies; you can read his embittered account here.

My new friend Esther--she likes to ask questions. She is awesome:

Find many more photos from the weekend here on flickr.


Video Editor said...

Off Topic
When do I hear about Rope and Lolita, two of my favorites by two of my favorites….
What the hell is knocking outside my window?
A Wood Pecker.

vanckirby said...

looks like fun!

Abigail said...

I know some of those people! Well, kind of know them.

JR said...

Some very good looking people. Especially that guy with the hair and beard.