Monday, May 21, 2007

Train Nostalgia/ Identity Crisis

As I was packing up and moving AGAIN (actually putting stuff on top of stuff that is already in storage--because I don't know where I will be once I return from the UK), I found this happy little reminder of the joys of public transport. I miss it. By the way, I am only just learning to use the scanner and don't know how to make this not crooked. Frustrating. Anyway, I miss trains and buses--and discounts for being a "young person" (well, more for being a student. Sadly, "young person" no longer applies).

Update: I have just had about NINE INCHES cut from my hair so I no longer look, even remotely, like the above picture. There are layers involved. I am silently freaking out. Not sure how I feel about it all. Hmmm.


Maarten said...


I think the definition young person really is open to interpretation. Let me briefly explain; As people seem to define young by age I tend to view this rather in light of a person's spirit. If you take the same view than I am sure that you'll agree that you are by no means a ^old^ person. Please do share you view on this. Hope to see you soon on the old island! Your friend, Maarten

Becki said...

I want to see a picture of your hair! I can't even imagine you wihtout long hair, though I'm sure it looks good. Have fun in travels this summer! (this is becki, by the way)

Susan said...

Mary, can't wait to see your hair. When in the world did you find time for a hair appointment before you left for NYC? Sure will miss seeing your smiling face each week - praying for your trip and for the job God has for you. Blessings, Susan