Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Half Handed Cloud

This is my friend John, one of the most truly joy-filled people I know. He is even joyful when slipping under the weight of a retro-suitcase. John's joy, creative quirkiness and expert songwriting are all invested in a wonderful project called Half Handed Cloud. If you have never heard any of Half Handed Cloud's music, then go directly to John's website or the Asthmatic Kitty website and check them out. Someone (I can't remember who) mentioned that the music sounds like a mix of Brian Wilson and Elliot Smith after drinking a gallon of heavily sugared (or something elsed) koolaid and going to Sunday school--complete with feltboards. I had the pleasure of working at McKay's used books and records with John, back when he was in multiple bands that only wrote songs about robots (Wookieback), Seventies sitcoms (the Regal Beagles), and a special Christmas album under the name "The Season's Glreekins", complete with songs such as "Transformer Manger" and "Gas Station Stocking Stuffer". Once he kindly drove all the way down from Knoxville to perform for free at an RUF concert event my friend Lisa and I organized at the University of Tennessee--we will never forget seeing the endlesss tiny suitcases, windup toys, feltboards being unloaded from that little car. Needless to say, this big-hearted friend has endless creative energy, a wicked (in the very best sense of the word) fresh sense of humor--and deserves a good listen. Half Handed Cloud has four excellent full length CD's, and lately I am addicted to this song called "I Got a Letter" (please take a listen)from his most recent EP "What's The Remedy". This EP, recorded with Sufjan Stevens, has songs that ask interrogates the tension between Law and grace. Conceptual, theological, fizzy, and fun. Check him out! I am so excited about the music today that I even broke my black and white streak!
**Also check out this groovy video for another very addictive song from Half Handed Cloud's Halos and Lassos.


vanckirby said...

hes got a thing for sheep, huh? no really, very cool tunes

Trent said...

HHC forever !

My brother Reeve ( I believe you met him at Greyfriars ??! ) just had an interview at McKay's... maybe yesterday.

I wouldn't mind a visit to old Chat-town.