Saturday, March 1, 2008

Try to Watch This Without Smiling

Bet you can't!
Indie rock optimism. Go figure.
Be sure to stick with it until the grand finale:

Giddy family fun with all 23 members of the Polyphonic Spree! The more I watch this, and am unable to NOT feel full and smiley, the more it reminds of the joys of everyday life as experienced in the L'abri community. This made me think of dear Merran Paul's simple, yet profound statement: "hold on to the good." The fullness and joy of community life in a place such as L'abri is a concentration of so many good things that are actually just parts of everyday life, not even just in that admittedly enchanted location. I need to learn to hold on to that perspective, hold on to the good. For some reason, this video inches me closer to that goal.
"I know that we're broken; it's been unspoken for such a long time."-Tim DeLaughter

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