Friday, December 21, 2007

Web Cam, Good TV, Good Music

Tonight I had a lovely time hanging out with my friends Josh and Jen. Here are my first ever webcam snapshots to document my first ever time to talk to someone (it happened to be Cannon Kirby) on a webcam. I have no idea what that white area on the right in the second photo is there for, but I still love it. Josh looks like an angry Russian (Dostoevsky?), Jen looks giddy, and I look as if I have just spent 100 bucks for hair haighlights (my hair changes color on its own, so no highlights).

Another highlight of the night was being introduced to the hilarious show 30 Rock. Josh and Jen are crazy about it, and I can now see why. At first, I was nervous as the title sounded dangerously close to Third Rock From the Sun (clearly not a good sign). But I was wrong. The writing is quirky, fresh, and extremely clever (thanks Tina Fey). I found Tracy Morgan particularly hilarious, especially when talking about "dropping truth bombs" about the fact that "the white man has been injecting AIDS into our chicken mcnuggets". I think I will soon become a big fan.

Tonight I also learned of a fun new song by another NC band via Josh, Jen, and Cannon.
Here it is: "Die, Die, Die" by the Avett Brothers
What is the deal with all this great music from North Carolina?? It seems nearly every good band I come across these days has some connection to this state. I just remembered that my friend Abby also introduced me to a new (to me) Raleigh band called The Bowerbirds (pictured below). Abby claims that their music is "like a dream", and the more I listen to the following song, the more I feel caught up in the dreaminess. It is mesmerizing, rich, multilayered. lovely. Stick with it till it ends--it will surprise you:
"In Our Talons"

The last exciting discovery of the night was that if you absolutely must shop at Walmart during the busy Christmas season (because you desperately need a new printer cartridge) then 11:30 p.m. is the best time to do it.


vanckirby said...

those are some dead sexy web camers!

Baus said...

good fun.

Merry Christmas.

Bill Donovan said...

awesome songs, thanks.