Saturday, November 10, 2007

All Things Coupland

I have not really immersed myself in any Coupland web surfing or research (or reading for that matter) since the completion of my dissertation last December--it's finally time to start again. I am just now reading his new book, The Gum Thief, and will post a review once I am finished. Yesterday I had the rewarding experience of doing a Coupland surf and came up with some really, really, cool stuff. First of all, Coupland's 1996 short, bizarre, fascinating film called Close Personal Friend is FINALLY fully available on Youtube. Here are parts ONE, TWO, and THREE.

Next, Coupland has created quite a few video companion pieces to The Gum Thief and you can watch them all here.
Also, take time to browse through the finally archived and freely available Coupland New York Time blogs which are called "Time Capsules". These are both hilarious and insightful (as usual).
Lastly, here are a few video interviews for you to take a look at:


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