Wednesday, August 15, 2007


L'abri, originally uploaded by dimbles7uk.

Just testing the "Blog This" feature on flckr. So, I am back from L'abri and ready (sort of) to begin teaching. Here is my favorite photo from Bill's time at L'abri--with Andrew Fellows.

Click in the above photos to see many more photos from this summer.
**The sweater that Bill is wearing in the photo has had an amazing, almost mystical short life. Bill, please share the sweater's tale with the Blog readers if you will!


Lisa Short said...

nice photos Mary. Miss you x

Becki said...

yeah, nice photos, mary! how great that you had visits from your new yorkers! welcome back to the states, what courses are you teaching this fall?

William said...

Sooooo I bought that sweater about three years ago, brought it to Italy on a trip w/ Mary visiting some of her friends there, and left it in a cafeteria in a mall near an airport outside Padua.

I mourned its loss for some time, then finally recovered. Then I show up at L'Abri this summer, meet Mary's friend Rob, and discover that he has a) been to Italy, b) visited Roberto--the guy we were with at the cafeteria, and c) recovered my sweater, which Roberto must've picked up from the lost and found and then stored for several years. Weird.

Meg said...

Great pictures, Mary.
I can't believe how long it's been since I was there. I loved seeing pictures of Joe, Linna, and Bill.
Please call me when you have time.

Baus said...

I was thinking "wow, that looks an awful lot like Bill Rice". Whadya know.

Excellent sweater story.

Anonymous said...

These photos make me happy. Especially the ones with Sam in them -- "safe, blud."