Saturday, April 21, 2007

Robert 'Charlie Chaplin' Smith??

As I am now obsessed with Charlie Chaplin, I have just come across a 1917 short of his called "The Cure" .While watching it, I was struck by how much his hair, makeup--even the way he is sitting in one part--remind me of Robert Smith (I know Chaplin looked like this in most of his very early films, but this has the most striking resemblance in parts)! I then began to speculate that perhaps this short is what gave "The Cure" their name?! I tried googling around to find out, but came up with nothing. Does anyone out there know? Click on this post's title to watch a short clip from the film and let me know what you think of my hypothesis!


vanckirby said...

as far as i know there is no connection between the band and the film (beside the striking physical resemblance). from what i understand is that the band name "the cure" was a shortened version of "the easy cure" which was the band that robert smith was apart of in the late 70s.

glad to see you blogging. gonna post a link on my blog.

johnt said...

mary - most of what you wrote is over my head but hey - you are the coolest - i tried to subscribe but it freaked out and wouldnt let me.

Baus said...

I always thought the connection was a given. Namely, that both Chaplin and the 80s goth movement both have roots in German Expressionism.